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Changing the brightness of paper to fight myopia book

"The Vietnam Education Publishing edited books printing paper, paper with a brightness of 80-82 ISO ago to have a brightness of 73-75 ISO kind, to ensure anti-glare and do not affect vision of students, "said Nguyen Minh Khang, Deputy Director of Education Publishing House said.


Earlier, a study published by the Vietnam Education combines performing with doctors of the Military Medical Academy have shown that the white paper will make students wash out eyes, fatigue, and prolonged prone myopic.


To find the appropriate brightness, Publisher of Education and the Academy of Military Medical doctors have linked high-resolution camera close eye on 102 students in Hanoi to record close-up eye and the pupil in the process of reading .


Results showed that 73-75% of paper whiteness ISO fit print paper books and notebooks gut for students. Whiteness can be applied to textbooks, notebooks and even paper, photocopy.



According to Mr. Khang, immediately after the results of the study, the Vietnam Education Publishing Company placed Bai Bang Paper Company production of Tan Mai Paper 73-75 ISO paper printing service. Show publisher has used a new type of paper and ensure policy meets anti-glare, increase the porosity and printing is not etched back.